Civic association The Family Center in Prague

Civic association The Family Center in Prague

We are glad to introduce to you our NGO!

Our organisation was established in 2002 as an association of persons that are engaged in the field of solutions of matrimonial, family and social problems. We create an effective team of qualified workers, who offer their help to a family in various phases of its existence through the following projects:

Common Preparations for Marital Life - annually three eight-part courses for more than 100 engaged couples, every evening contains both an educational and experience section, practical topics of marital and family life, the lectors of the course are married couples as well as specialists (psychologists, theologists). The preparations then are followed by a program for young couples of up to 5 years of matrimony.

Program of Effective Parenthood - educational interactive training program for the parents of pre-school and young school children - worldly known as STEP - Systematic Training for Effective Parenting.

Mum and Dady for the 21st Century - we offer a participation in a group of women which will try to answer some important questions appearing after a baby has been born. Introduction of expert views on the influence of the parental role on woman's life, her partner and life of their wider family.

Community of Mothers in Difficult Situations - regular monthly meetings (lectures, art workshops, trips, spiritual renewals), cooperation with the Center for Family Life in Olomouc during a summer week-long concentration event for mothers and children.

Christian Psychological Counselling Service - for clients that come with various partner, family and also personal problems. The clinic offers single psychological interventions. At disposal for the clients are experts - psychologists and psychotherapists.

Saturdays for Wives - one-day action for married women. The program aims at the partner relations, differences between a man and a woman and also the differences in perception of their spiritual life.

Jiri Musil, project manager

Thákurova 3, CZ-16000 Prague 6,,
Phone: +420 220 181 777,
Account No.: 193501687/0300.

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